Our goal is to provide you with the opportunity to buy profitable real estate deals in the most fair & equitable manner possible.  We don’t play “favorites” and ask that all interested buyer follow the same exact Showing Guidelines listed below:

  • RSVP Required: Please Call or Text the Showing Number associated with your deal prior to attending the showing to RSVP everyone planning on attending the Showing; including your client, contractor, property manager, etc.   We record every RSVP so that in the event of changes to the Scheduled Showing, we can contact everyone to reschedule.  Many of these deals are difficult to access with tenants/occupants who change the plan last minute-don’t want to waste your time if that happens.
  • Check-In Required: you must check in with the Diamond Equity Representative at the Showing.
  • Respect The Property: Even though most of these properties don’t appear to be in good condition, often with belongings that appear to be abandoned, the property and it’s contents are NOT yours until AFTER you close the deal.  That said, please do NOT remove any contents or disturb the condition of the property any further during the Showing.
  • Respect the Occupants: Please do NOT disturb the occupants by arriving early and asking for accessing the property or arriving late.  Additionally, please do NOT ask questions of the occupants at any time.  Should you have specific questions after the showing, please direct them to the Rep/phone number found associated on this site with that specific deal.  We will obtain all requested information in a timely manner
  • Keep Your Comments To Yourself: please keep all of your comments, positive or negative, regarding the condition of the property to yourself.  Many of these deals are occupied by people who are already embarrassed about their current living conditions and your comments don’t make the situation any better.
  • No Offers Or Negotiations at the Showing: The purpose of the Showing is for you to be able to physically see the property. In our effort of fairness to all Buyers who view our deals, we will set an Offer Deadline within a day or two of the Showing to allow you time to analyze the deal and write up your offer.  No negotiating at the Showing, No Offers at the Showing, so you can leave your checkbook at home!!

Submitting Offers:  Please call the Diamond Equity Rep listed on this site associated with your deal to submit your Offer.