Safety is Our #1 Concern: The partners here Diamond Equity Investments are taking the Covid-19 risk seriously. All partners have instituted procedures for safety including limiting all social contact, including shaking hands and proximity closer than 6 feet, as well as vigorous disinfectant protocols.

Sight Unseen Offers: We welcome offers based on viewing photos subject to a walk through prior to closing.  Many of the deals currently for sale are not available for showings due to government restrictions and/or occupied situation.  Once the Covid risk subsides, we will make the property available for viewing.  That said, you now have the chance to lock up the deal now by submitting your offer.

No Crowd Showings: The deals we often are often very low priced, very desirable deals known to occasionally attract crowds of more than 10 people. During this time of heightened awareness of the risk posed by gathering crowds, the partners have agreed to restrict showing access to individual buyers and their agents/contractors to strictly scheduled time slots. We appreciate your abiding by those scheduled time slots by being prompt-so as to be gone by the time the next interested buyer party arrives.

Closing as Scheduled & ASAP:  As we, like most real estate investors, are anticipating a large uptick in Retail Buyer activity as the virus risk subsides, we are making all efforts to close all deals as soon as possible.   The historically low interest rates is expected to create large demand for retail houses-especially priced $400K or below (ARV).  We understand your need to get the deal closed quick and construction started to be ready for the upcoming opportunity.

Everything Must Go:  As of right now, we are showing & selling the deals you see listed. We play no favorites here at Diamond Equity-you can be sure that every buyer and/or agent will have a fair shot at buying our deals, as always, regardless of the current situation we are now facing. We will work to accommodate any showing requests as long as the deals are available and we, as American people, continue to enjoy the current freedom to travel about our neighborhoods. God bless.