Real Estate Careers

Diamond Equity Investments Company Philosophy

The team here at Diamond Equity Investments is on a mission to provide sellers with the Fastest & Most Convenient “As-Is” home sale in the U.S. Real Estate Market. This is accomplished by team effort, with every partner earning the share of the deals they work on commensurate with their contribution.

We believe in developing the entrepreneurial skills of all team members to grow and eventually become even more valuable members of the Diamond Equity Investments organization. As a member of the team you can count on strong leadership & training with very attentive management striving to develop your time to be the most effective & rewarding both in professional accomplishment and compensation.

We have closed 175  deals year to date. We currently have 115 properties in our inventory either owned, awaiting closing, being renovated, or sold and awaiting closing. Typically, the money in real estate is good when you have a pipeline of business, but that usually takes years to build. Team members’ experience upon joining Diamond Equity Investments is one of speed & momentum-essentially stepping immediately into the lightning fast current of deal flow.  Ready to join the team??? Check out our current career opportunities below:


Positions Open in Following Markets:
-Atlanta, GA
-Chicago, IL (Milwaukee, WI & NW Indiana)
-Philadelphia, PA (Maryland & New Jersey)
-Jacksonville, FL
-Other U.S. Markets:

Is there Another U.S. Market Not listed, Where You Live & We Should Expand?
Please include that location, and why the market is hot when you Express Interest.


**This is a position Buying & Selling Houses for our own account, NOT Real Estate Agency

**SALES Experience is MORE VALUABLE than Construction Experience.

**If your current/previous job entailed making offers directly to sellers on behalf of investors, you’re going to win as a D.E.I. Acquisition Manager

Located Physically or Willing to Relocate
Call Lead within 5 mins
-Drive an hour or More to Appts, Make Offer, & Negotiate with Sellers in Person
-Consistent follow up on new leads & offers made
-Available 7 days per week.  These deals don’t wait.
-Constant student of the Game (Reading, Listening, Goal setting, etc.)
-Attention to Detail-Active Listening
-Operate effectively & efficiently under pressure
-High Level of Commitment-this isn’t part time.
-Creative Problem Solving
-Working Exclusively on Diamond Equity business yields the best results.  No moonlighting on other business, side deals, agency etc.  Own rentals?  You’ll need to place them with a manager to be considered.

Many apply, few are accepted.  Many who dream of a position like this don’t understand the price to succeed:   Top talent recognizes the single minded focus needed to obtain the rewards in this business-time, patience, availability & sacrifice pave the road of success for Diamond Equity Acquisition Managers.

The Acquisition Manager (AM) is essentially a partnership position in Diamond Equity Investments house flipping machine. The AM is responsible for finding & negotiating deals which will be purchased and flipped for a profit. This is not a “job” but is a partnership for which you’ll receive a percentage of the profit generated on the deals in your pipeline. The AM drives the deal from first phone call through ownership & construction, to the final sale & settlement of that deal-when the profits are split according to the partners roles throughout the deal.  The best AM’s pay attention to the smallest details, recognizing the importance of those details and capitalizing on the opportunities while others seem to skip ahead, move to fast, and miss those details & opportunities.  There will be no chance of the latter being considered for this position.

-Associate Acquisition Manager ($0-$200K) 10%-15%
-Acquisition Manager ($200K-$500K) 15%-20%
-Senior Acquisition Manager ($500K & up) 20%-25%
-Average Gross Profit as of 7/18 $32,794 per deal
-Year 2 Ac Mgr earns $150K/year+

You’ll Receive:
-Steady Lead Flow (Sellers Requesting an Offer) (25+/week)
-Culture of Winning
-Admin Assistance (Title/Transaction Coordinator)
-Sales Coaching
-Underwriting Support (Offer, Decision to Sign)
-Funding for Deals
-Unmatched Buyer List

Valuable Skills Include:
-Deep knowledge in Psychology & Negotiation
-Detail Oriented-proficiency with CRM lead tracking (such as Podio)
-Razor sharp reply skills-return calls & emails same day, preferably same hour
-Reliable transportation
-Sales Experience (Auto Sales, Construction Sale, In Home Sales, Door to Door, etc)
-Construction Management Experience a plus
-Real Estate license not necessary
-Flipped a few Houses Already? Might be Perfect

How to Express Interest:

  1. Write a Cover letter explaining why you’d be a great Acquisition Manager. Might include the reason(s) why moving to one of our current markets to accept this position excites you.
  2. Update your resume. You might explain how you believe past positions have prepared you for this coming career as a market leading real estate investor
  3. Fax the two items above to 1-888-959-3251 attention: Dan, Austin, Craig, & Aaron